Team Teaching Options

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True or False?

  1. There is no one way to team teach.
  2. There is no magic formula for team teaching.
  3. The success of team teaching has many factors.
  4. There are many forms and variations of team teaching.
  5. Team teaching is a lot of work.

Answers: ALL TRUE!

My boyfriend is a 5th grade teacher and is going to be “team teaching” this year with another 5th grade teacher.

He sent me a text early yesterday morning asking me to help him out and research team teaching for my blog.

He came to the right girl.  I am very lucky to be in my 4th year with the same Pre-Algebra teacher and we are getting better and better at team teaching each year.

So, what will this look like? What are his options?

Traditional Team Teaching – “You teach and I will assist.”

This is like the magician and the lovely assistant, or…

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