Identifying Student Learning Styles

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Before you can reach your learners you need to know how they learn best. Some students are visual learners. Others are auditory learners. The remaining are tactile-kinesthetic learners.

You can find dozens of learning style inventories online. There are some that are web-based and many printable versions. Which you choose to use depends on the age level of your students, the depth you want to go, and the technology available. Your Talented and Gifted (TAG) coordinator may have some materials as well.

Below I describe just three different options that informally identify students as Visual, Auditory, or Tactile-Kinesthetic learners.

#1 Discover Your Own Learning Style has 18 questions for students to answer. The results will identify a student as Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic (V-A-K). There are many links with additional information. The survey is probably best geared towards upper elementary school. This site has three options:

  • Take the inventory online…

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